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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pearl Video Update.

Seen as I have tilted the blogging scales in favour of running these past few weeks I felt it was time to update on Pearl. Words fail me when it comes to her and in order to share the true joy she brings I invite you into our world via video, it is also a great gauge for us to see how far she has come and gives us strength seeing her play with her brother and smile at us. This week is school holidays so her therapies are on hold for the week. However we are working hard at home and the good weather has allowed us lots of trips to the forest on our bikes.

I am hoping to fly to Ireland on Friday to start the foundation work for our record breaking endeavour next year. Mizen head to Malin head is the dream run and will take so much time to organise, so the earlier I start the less I will have to do later down the line. The current situation with air travel is a major concern, who would have thought a volcano in Iceland could have turned the aviation industry on its head. I really do hope to see my family but if it doesn't happen I guess there is zero I can do about it, a nice long run on home soil would be nice though.

Will keep you updated from the Emerald Isle should I make it, until then.....

See you round the bend,


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