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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A new decade.

Dearest friends,

I had intended for this blog to be based on the days after my previuosly documented Eurostar catastrophe, but, since my wife has so accurately synopsised it in the "News" section of (check it out please as my lovely lady writes far better than I), I will instead put up the scans of our magazine interview which is due out in January. For those of you with little French in ye olde vocabulary, we will follow it with a translation on the website really soon. So have a peek and Happy New Year to all.

Cover page.

Myself and little Pearl.

Our family picture with a little article and also a mention of our website.

New Years day tomorrow and a nice long run awaits me. I will be blogging a lot on training in the coming weeks and months as the 100km race is inching closer.

See you round the bend.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Where to Start??

Seasons greetings Guys and Doll's,

I sit here in the comfort of my living room watching my daughter stuff her face and watch cartoons at the same time. A calm, relaxing feeling pulses through me. A far cry from the epic week that just passed, let me enunciate.

Last Friday morning I boarded the Eurostar in Paris, London bound and well excited at the prospect of spending time with two great men I am proud to call my friends. It had been a surprise trip as my wife and best friend had been colluding to award me with a few days respite from the weekly grind of appointments and all things Autism related. It worked, and on Friday night I found myself watching "Them Crooked Vultures" live in concert. Great night all round and the days that followed passed quickly with lots of banter between the boys about days gone by, it was also a great opportunity for me to explain to my friends how Pearls diagnosis has changed our lives. So all is well and good and come Monday morning (my day of departure) I am landed a blow, the Eurostar is not running. They had been having some difficulty with trains over that weekend due to the amount of snow that had been falling on both sides, but it was in North-West France where it was really causing problems. One train had stopped inside the tunnel and people were stuck underground for 14 hours. So basically anyone who had tickets for Saturday-Monday had been left stuck in London. Now I am sure you are saying to yourself "Yeah but you get a few more days with you mates." Not quite. Pearl was due to enter hospital the next day for an MRI scan to determine if she will have any problems in the future regarding epilepsy etc. So at 8.00 that morning I hastily packed my bags and left my friends house with a head that was as heavy as an anvil. What was I going to do???

I'll tell you what I did..... I went straight to the station and was thoroughly devastated on arrival. No trains for the day and an announcement would be made that evening as to whether they would actually be running on the Tuesday. I felt lost and hopeless. I thought of my wife and my children who were excited and looking forward to Papa coming home, before I knew it I had started to cry. A lovely Scottish young man by the name of Derek approached me and I will never forget his kindness towards me. He reassured me and he did everything he could to make sure I was OK. But time was ticking and once the emotion turned into motivation I knew I had a choice to make. I could either head out solo and hope to find a truck driver who would take me over on the ferry, which was miles away and the roads were already gridlocked with people who had the same idea, or find a flight or bus. I hit the Internet in a little cafe nearby. ALL FLIGHTS GONE, there was one seat left for £400. I took another train to the bus station, all buses for mainland Europe were sold out. On arrival back at the Eurostar head quarters at about 11.00 it was bedlam. Hundreds of people had showed up and the terminal was swamped with camera crews, reporters, photographers and journalists. This was big news and the English were blaming the French and vice versa. The CEO Richard Brown was being interviewed beside me and said that although the train had been built to deal with such conditions, a "fluffier" type of snow was to blame for the engines going down. That actually cheered me up, good old fluffy snow eh!!

So there we all were, eating our free sandwiches and drinking our free coffee, waiting for the announcement. All I can think about is whether I will make it back to be able to be by Pearls side for her scan. In the following few hours I was on TV with Sky, ITN, Al Jazera English and Catalonian TV. Did interviews with The Daily Mail and The Times newspapers. These all turned out to be welcome distractions and made the clock tick just that little bit faster. In the mean time I had made friends with Richard who was the main PR guy at the station. He told me they had finished testing the tracks and the media would get a press release first, but because he was so sympathetic to my situation he said he would slip me a copy before the official announcement was broadcast. So at about 4.30 he did just that. And my heart just sank. The passengers who had tickets for Saturday and Sunday were getting priority for travel on Tuesday. Trains would start at 7.30 and finish at 18.00 and with 26,000 people to accommodate the math did not favour yours truly, Mondays ticket holders (me) would have to wait until Wednesday. So I decided I would hang around and chance my arm, tired, downtrodden and unsure when I'd ever get back.

At 1 am there were only 20 people remaining, so I made friends with 2 guys from San Diego and we decided to take the power back. We formed a queue with everyone so there would be some semblance of order, therefore when people started arrived at 5 am they would see that we were at the front. Everyone was really cool and rallied around the other. At 5 am the place was full with folks, all snaking back behind our improv queue, our plan had worked. Then an official came up and said we had to start queueing in the proper area, but to pass this guy you had to produce your ticket for Sat/Sun. 5 people went through and then it was my turn. I explained that my daughter was going to hospital and that I personified the "special circumstances" exception. He asked if I had any proof of this, I did not but that's when I remembered I had her handicap card in my wallet and a magazine called 'Enfant' in my bag (they had recently interviewed us regarding Pearls early diagnosis and it included photos, more to follow on the publication on the site and here). I showed him them and he had worked with Autistic kids for 10 years "No worries my friend, we have to luck after the ASD kids". After he said that I just bear hugged him and was on my way. His name was Ron and he was a truly great person. The wait for the train was long and cold but my San Diego mates gave me some Whisky to warm me up and we all chatted and laughed, relieved to be finally in motion. The train took off at 7.47 and I had been up for 24 hours at this point, but the thoughts of embracing my family kept me awake and giddy. At 14.00 on Tuesday 22nd Dec I walked through my front door, 31 hours after I walked into St Pancras station in London. I want to say thanks to all the friends and the Eurostar staff who helped me along the way, my faith in human kindness was bolstered no end.

There is more to write on the 2 days that have passed since I got back but I'll leave that for next time, I don't want to bludgeon y'all with too much. My sincerest best wishes I send to you, from the kind words you write on the site to the e-mails you send us to the text message we receive. The people who have joined us on this journey will be in our hearts forever.

God Bless and Joyeux Noel from the four of us.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Dylan.

Dear Son,

I was so worried when you were inside your mother that you would not make it. When your heart rate dropped dramatically for the second time in as many hours (according to the monitor on your Mum's belly) I remember running to out and screaming at the doctor "get my son out now".

And they did. 5 years later, my eyes well up as I type this, you have made our lives perfect. Pearl, Maman and Papa love you more than our hearts should be allowed to love. You will achieve great things and never let anyone hold you back. EVER. You are your own compass, I am so proud of you Dylan. You are my best friend.

See you later lil man.

Papa xxxxxxx

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Me, grow up... Never

When I was a young boy at school I used to beam with pride if I ever got a new pair of trainers. Does anyone remember those days? You walked in with head held high, feet gleaming, your friends checking out what kind sneakers your mother had spent her hard earned cash on. You would then spend most of the day trying to avoid dirtying them and would even abstain from the playground game of football, just for a day or two, to preserve those cushioned beauties. Of course there was always a few scoundrels who wanted to deface the virginal footwear by stomping on your toes, thus bringing an end to your reign as "the boy with new trainers"

Why am I telling you this? Well, its two fold. As I watch my son grow up and attend school each day I see that, even with all the technology, phones, video games etc that is at their disposal, they are as fundamentally the same at the age of five as I was twenty seven years ago. The arguments over whose father is the strongest and all the rest, I have seen the other dads and its definitely NOT me. I am however regarded as the fastest of the dads, not Usain Bolt fast, but because I run Marathons that qualifies me for that garland. It reminds of of the great line by the late, incomparable Bill Hicks. Kid: "My dad can beat up your dad!!" Hicks: "Oh yeah, when?" Classic.

The second reason for my tale is because I felt just like that on Sunday past. I recently purchased a pair of "New Balance 1063" running shoes. I have really done my research over the past 12 months and the more you get into running the more you realise that whats on your feet is THE most important part of your kit. You can run in a pair of dodgy shorts or a t-shirt. But spending the cash on the shoes will save you knees and legs in the long run(its impossible to avoid the puns, sorry) So here I am on Sunday morning waiting for my wife's uncle, Jean Claude (JC). JC got me into running, he is 55, into rock big time, has done 30+ marathons and a few 100km races and loves a few drinks. My kind of guy. So I am looking out the window of our place and its a reasonable day weather wise but, five minutes before he shows the heavens open and it rains like crazy. JC arrives and takes one look at my feet, stops me in my tracks and checks out the newbies. We chat for the first twenty Min's as we warm up and discuss sports - running, tennis, football (mostly him) and cycling (mostly me). Then we settle into our rhythm and the talking stops, for the next fifty or so minutes is spent pushing each other as much as possible. Of course he picked the route that day and proceeded to take me through the muckiest forest paths I have ever been on. Seriously it was like running a semi-marathon at Glastonbury. I should have been hurting like hell but all I could think about was my beautiful shoes. I don't care what you say, I KNOW he did it on purpose to deface the virginal white of my size 11's (yes I have big feet). We finished and, after clocking a really good tempo parted ways agreeing on the same time next week. Although I usually run alone I have maintained running with my mentor on Sundays as he is still the master. The verdict on the shoes? Sheer brilliance in every, comfort, stability, heel strike to toe off..... I could go on all day.

So regardless of age, we never really grow up do we? A new pair of shoes proved that to me at the weekend and, it felt great! Back soon with a few tales about the lady herself, Pearl. Alicia is in Amsterdam on a conference for 3 days so its just me and the two rascalas. Alice In Chains on Friday night is my reward. WHOO-HAHH.

See you round the bend.

Mally x

Friday, November 27, 2009

The countdown is on.

That's the map for the 100km race, its 16km laps and I just realised about 10 seconds ago that the race starts at 05.00 am. Now that is news to me. Will be a good warm up for the Ireland run I guess.

I'll be back on Sunday to blog more, after a nice run that is. I'll have had plenty of time to ponder by then.

'Till then,

Mally x

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fair play and Karma.

Here I go again, back in this familiar little womb of blog land. I would have written over the weekend but, due to the Herculean rage built up inside of me I decided to avoid venting my spleen until the dust had settled. "Why so down dude?" I hear you hark. Well......

Thierry Henry, you are a cheat and a liar. Hard to know which is worse really. I am not getting on a soapbox here as I hate football. It bores me stupid, put me in front of a TV with a Marathon or a cycle race on and I'll sit there saucer-eyed for hours. The reason I bring it up is mostly because of Dylan. He has developed a healthy appetite for the game and is progressing well, being part of a team is good for young boy's and also teaches them discipline and respect. Now, my good mate Monsieur Henry on the other hand (pun very much intended) says that his handling of the ball was an "instinctive reaction". Lets try that with some other sports shall we eh?? OK, we will. When is the last time you saw a basketball player raise his leg to stop a ball going out of play? NEVER? Of course not my chums, because using your leg in a game of basketball is the last thing you would do. Your "instinctive reaction" is to NOT use your foot. Lets try another one. You are in the finals of the world snooker, its tied on the black ball and you have just struck the ball deftly only to see it roll slowly towards the pocket, there is an audible gasp from the audience, the black ball hangs on the lip of the pocket. ITS GAME OVER. Of course while we are talking "instinctive reaction" (its beginning to sound like a swear word) maybe the best thing here is to lift the end of the table so the black ball falls in. Viola, you are the winner and here is your cheque. I used to lift the pool table when I was five yrs old. I used to kick basketballs when I was five yrs old, I even accidently hand-balled the occasional football during a match when I was..... yep, five yrs old. So Thierry, thanks for being such a positive influence on MY five year old. You have shown in true and predictable form, that, once again money and fame are never enough. Next time you look in the mirror try and remember why YOU started playing 'the beautiful game' in the first place, was it for Gillette, Renault or any of the other sponsors? NO, you did it because you loved it. Don't take that love away from every kid who has ever looked up to you.

My point is this, play fair. If you lose you lose. Its about life really, the football story is just a metaphor. Karma does come back around you know.

My main bone of contention is the fact that I got fleeced by a so-called "respected" Autism professional recently, that was the real source of my rage over the weekend. She withered on about things I knew already, over and over again. I had two sessions with her and Pearl (usually its just the teacher and Pearl) the second rendevouz was a carbon copy of the first one. She was completely un-organised, dithering on and basically unworthy of the nice office with the big window which enabled her to see suckers like me coming from a mile away. How much did it cost for this aural lobotomy? 230 euros!! 115 euros an hour. OJ Simpson's lawyers didn't even charge that I bet. I have met a lot of people through Pearls handicap and they have been sensational. Pearls 3 therapists are the greatest, Julie, Gregory and Agnes do so much for her and its great to have a team like them. But there is always one who will let you down, I have chalked it down to experience and moved on. Like I said, fair play and karma, that should be applicable to every facet of life (and thats just my opinion)

That's my lot gang, I have added an email subscription box on the blog and if you enter your address its just a couple of easy steps to getting my updates as soon as I post them. We are working hard with Pearl as always and I want to say to Alicia "Happy Anniversary" for last Sunday. She is currently involved on a project which is sooooo suited to her talents, along with two of her great friends they hold the genesis to a really worthwhile offering.

On a running note, bought my new "New Balance 1063's" just the other day. Will be back soon with a road test report and another setlist that RAWK'S

See you round the bend,

Mally x

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rock n Roll

Yo, yo, yo,

Yesterday I promised to blog my 'Setlist' to pain, well here you go.....

1 Lakinis Juice - Live
2 Uprising - Muse
3 Vicarious - Tool
4 Renegades Of Funk - RATM
5 A Song For The Deaf - QOTSA
6 Alive - Pearl Jam
7 Read My Mind - The Killers
8 God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash
9 Living For The Weekend - Hard-Fi
10 Oroborus - Gojira
11 Sinatra - Deftones
12 London Calling - The Clash
13 Light My Way - Audioslave
14 Pushit - Tool
15 Forest - SOAD
16 Asian Hooker - Steel Panther
17 Saltwater - Chicane
18 Bulls On Parade - RATM
19 Hail, Hail - Pearl Jam
20 Given To Fly - Pearl Jam

See ya round the bend.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Run Forrest Run

An up and down weekend if ever there was one. It was tantrum city at our house on Saturday, population; Dylan and Pearl. There was all sorts of sulking and emotional melt downs, the likes of which I have not seen in a while and would rather not see again. Yeah... that's likely, alright!!!! Its just so hard to gauge Pearls behaviour these days, so that is why we are having our first ever session with all 3 of her therapists at our house tomorrow morning, with a bit of luck and some hardcore brainstorming we can collectively reach a consensus on how to take some steps forward (without having to take any steps back) More on that to follow.

Today was the semi marathon in Paris. I have run it before and know its winding course along the Seine quite well. What I didn't bank on was arising this morning at 6 am to have my honey and toast to the sound of the double glazing being pelted with rain. It was very windy too. I set off at 8 am to get the bus and after half an hour was at the gymnasium with all the other participants. Its exciting when you are around all those kindred spirits and the familiar aroma of deep heat and various other heat treating oils. I got my gear on and headed for the start line to do some warming up. It had stopped raining by this stage but the wind was ferociously strong and coming head first at the 4,000 strong pack. The gun went off at 10 am and the usual scramble for positions started, elbows flying, runners cutting across your path etc. Its always takes about 3-4 kilometres to find your rhythm and I found myself hammering into the wind at a pretty decent clip. I'd pay for it later though.

Hitting the last water stop at 15k's I was on target to break 1:35, that had been my goal for the day as my previous personal best was 1:41:17. But the wind was just relentless and as I passed under the final kilometre banner I was beginning to feel my legs go jelly-like. But I just pushed on as hard as I could for that last stretch. I had beaten my personal best by 4 minutes and felt like I had won the bloody thing given the level of my enthusiasm. It was so well organised and I love doing it each year, cant wait to hit the road again. This week is rest for a few days and I'll be back pounding the roads by Thursday with a bit of luck. Below I will post the stats from the day and hope to see you all round the bend soon.

Distance 21.1kms
Time 1:37:24
Av. speed 13.5 kms/ph
Steps taken 16,096
Cals burnt 1810

Tomorrow I'll post my soundtrack to pain ;)


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It's finished, the site has finally gone live. So happy and so very grateful to Kieran Egan from mill-yard computing. Gotta go and pick up my boy from school now......

It's exciting.. it looks like today will be the official launch of It has been months in the making with every day dedicated to tweaking a few details here and there. I cant believe that such a spontaneous idea whilst out running has blossomed into something that myself and Alicia are very proud of. I hope that all of you will like it and that you can spread the news around via word of mouth, e-mail or text etc. This really is a grass roots site and is there to help and educate anyone who is interested. The more momentum it gains, the more it can aid people who feel they may be in the dark. If you happen to be a fan of running you will see my updates on the site, as well as here. I will not be letting my blog slide, no, no, no. In fact, just the opposite, I will have more time for ranting away right here. I want to send an enormous shout out to Alicia and Q, who really put the time into making my vision become what it has. Here's to you guys, and to my babies, Dylan and Pearl. You inspire me to keep going long after my body has told me to stop.

See you round the bend.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Me Hearties,

How goes it out there? I have to say that I have not had time for much lately other than go to appointments with Pearl, bring Dylan to football practice/school and generally maintaining damage control on the wave of destruction they level at our flat on a daily basis. But I now have a spare 5 minutes to just breathe (and do a wee spot of updating on ye olde blog)

Things with Pearl are going OK, there has been lots of meetings with top drawer Autism folk, who funnily enough also charge top dollar too. But I have to say its all positive, as many of our specialists are of the same opinion and that is we caught it early. Kudos to Alicia for that, if she gets to know any more about the subject I think she will be going on a lecture tour soon. The thing is, its constant work. You can't rest on your laurels at all. Milestones are celebrated briefly and after that its forward moving my friends. Constant stimulation.

On the running front well........ On Sunday 15th is the Semi-Marathon in Boulogne, which is just beside the city. Its flat, fast and a lot of elites run it as its good ground for breaking records and recording 'personal bests' (PB's we call them in our world of runners). You can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance and you are beside the Seine for most of it. My PB is 1hr 41 min's which I am hoping to beat by at least 6 min's. 1:35 is the goal, if I dip under that it will be a great day. I have also officially registered for the "100km de Vende". Its been sent in the mail so there is no going back now. 15th May, 100 km, 1 Man/Lunatic (delete applicable)

I would also like to officially announce RIGHT HERE that at some stage in the summer of 2011 I will be running Mizen head to Malin head (the most southern point to the most northern tip of Ireland) its about 587 Kms in total. I will run this solo in a week, however I will be opening it up to anyone who would like to join me for a km or two, whether its on a bike or on foot. Lets get some exercise and spread the word about Autism too eh?! The dates will need to be finalised as it takes a lot of organising and sponsorship to pull of something this big. But I know it can be done. Myself and Pearl were planning the route yesterday as you can see from the photo.

Gotta go my pedigree chums, to quote Lenny Kravtiz "Cos I'm always on the run.

See you round the bend,

Mally x

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fired Up

Good evening, mes chers amis, I've been absent I know and duly apologise for leaving town without so much as an adieu.

Bright and early on Saturday morning family McLoughlin saddled up and headed for the country side, to see my mother-in-law. "AAAAAAAAAAAgggggggghhhhhhh" I hear you say in unison. Actually not so, I must admit that I get on quite well with her and enjoy getting out of Paris to breathe in the cow sh*t. So off we went in the milling rain with the two little ones strapped in, wife at the wheel and me in charge of the music. Educated the kids on the new 'Muse' album and I think I have sold it to them, its so good it sells itself really, bring on the gig in Nov I say. OK, back to the narrative.

Upon arrival it was still raining, but a feast had been prepared and was unceremoniously devoured by the hungry troops. After a good hour of relaxation while Pearl slept, it was time to stretch the legs. One of the many joys of where my mum-in-law lives is that it's nothing but fields, forests and lakes. Bliss. The lakes it was then, where I tried to impress my son my skimming stones across the water. In the beginning I was cooler than the 'Transformers ' and 'Batman' combined, by the end I was "crap Papa". Ah bless him, and not even 5 yet! Pearl on the other hand had obviously not enough to eat at aforementioned feast and decided that munching flowers was the way to top up her desert. She soon learned the error in here choice of post meal snack. The rest of our day was largely uneventful and as the evening closed in, it was time for baths and books.

With the wee ones washed and tucked in I spent the remainder of my evening getting stuck into 'Shutter Island' by Dennis Lehane. Boy can that man write. Loving every page of it. A good book beats the TV every time.

The clocks went back which meant at 6 am it was still quite dark. I jumped out of bed, had a quick coffee and a snack before throwing on my running gear and heading for the forest. What followed was just sublime. One and a half hours of pure silence, only punctuated by a chirping bird and the rhythm of my breathing. I took a route I had never explored before and was rewarded with the sunrise breaking over a lake, the mist hovering just above the water. When I say it was close to heaven, it's not an overstatement. I get a tremendous amount of inspiration from seeing and hearing nature wake from its slumber. The unadulterated joy of being there, by myself with my thoughts, to share the dawn of a new day. But I couldn't stay too long as with the half marathon in 2 weeks I needed to get the legs moving again. I eventually made it home after 1h 31min, covered 18kms and burnt 1,600 calories.

It was hard to leave the countryside as Dylan stayed with his Nana for the rest of the week (school holidays). It is now Tuesday and I miss him terribly, but it's giving me a chance to work harder with Pearl on many things. She is doing OK and needs not only her family's support but yours also. I would like to mention Neil and Monica, my dear friends who had a baby girl in the early hours of Sunday morning. So happy for them. Also a huge thanks to Kieran "Q" Egan at mill-yard computing for all the work on the site. It's nearly ready folks, and it looks great.

Dash I must, indeed I must.

See you round the bend.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Pfizer taking on Autism

Good afternoon Y'all,

Please take 5 minutes out of your day if you can to read the article I have linked to above. Its a work in progress, but these experts are taking it to the next level and..... hope springs eternal. Just think of the future kids could have ten years from now....Ya gotta have faith.

See you round the bend.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Change of plan

"It's very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit." -- George Sheehan

Good evening one and all. There has been a change of plan regarding my planned 100km run next September, I'm afraid I will not be able to do it. Its terrible I know, so... I will be running 100km in May instead. Yeeeeeeeehaaaawwwww.

I have been inspired to do this because of the sense of urgency that that has been instilled in me by the support of my friends and loved ones. My spirit is soaring and my legs have just 7 months to catch up. Its in the Vendee region, below Nantes, on the French west coast. The race itself is a circuit of 25kms x 4 laps, which will be nice for my family as they will be able to view my spectacular deterioration over and over and over and over. Once I have posted this there is no going back. Somebody check my brain please?

See you round the bend.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I can hardly believe it. The response to my original e-mail which was the launch pad for this blog has been beyond great. So many messages of support from many, many people. Some I haven't seen in a long time, hell, there were even messages from people I have never even met. The power of the human spirit and the sheer joy I felt reading those e-mails astounded me. So thank you.

Today was a pretty good day, we had an appointment with Pearls 'Pedopsy' (psychiatrist for children). She is like the Queen Bee of the therapy hive. Basically we have a speech therapist, a physical therapist and a psychologist and Pearl spends a lot of time with each during the course of the week. As she progresses, these three therapists assimilate their reports and all the info goes back to the Pedopsy. She then swivels around in her big comfy chair and tells us whats the next plan of attack. Still with me? Good. Any-who, all seems to be going well according to our expert as she is of the opinion that Pearl's communication is improving, only slightly but its better than being in reverse. Patience seems to be the key at the moment and when it gets tough I try to imagine what the world looks like through Pearl's eyes. Does she see differently than us 'normal' people? What sounds irritate her? Does she know how much she is loved and that her family would do anything for her? I think she does, her little voice is in there, we just have to get it out.

I have posted some links relating to Autism for anyone who would like to educate themselves further. There are also links about some running sites too, if you feel like dusting off those old trainers and getting out the door then go for it. Your body and mind will thank you after it. It doesnt matter whether you run/walk 1 km or 10, every step is one in the right direction.

Thats my lot for the moment dear friends. See you round the bend.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Its time for action

Ah, the first post. Nothing earth shattering to commence with except to say 'Bonjour'
I am looking forward to documenting all things relating to Autism, Music and Running from here on in. Unfortunately there will be no running today, the good lady herself (my wife) was up at 5 this morning and heading for Brussels, not to return until about 9 tonight. So I will have to wait until tomorrow, never mind, a cycle to Pearls speech therapist this afternoon will loosen up the legs juuuuuuusst fine. Then its back to pick up Dylan who has become something of a soccer nut as of late. The kid can tackle I'll give him that much. Its the Irish in him.
Well my pedigree chums I intend to get a lot more done on my little blog later, but for the moment I is out the door. M x

Running for Pearl

This blog is dedicated to my daughter Pearl who was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in August 2009. My goal is to raise funds and awareness by doing what I love....Running.