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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Its time for action

Ah, the first post. Nothing earth shattering to commence with except to say 'Bonjour'
I am looking forward to documenting all things relating to Autism, Music and Running from here on in. Unfortunately there will be no running today, the good lady herself (my wife) was up at 5 this morning and heading for Brussels, not to return until about 9 tonight. So I will have to wait until tomorrow, never mind, a cycle to Pearls speech therapist this afternoon will loosen up the legs juuuuuuusst fine. Then its back to pick up Dylan who has become something of a soccer nut as of late. The kid can tackle I'll give him that much. Its the Irish in him.
Well my pedigree chums I intend to get a lot more done on my little blog later, but for the moment I is out the door. M x


  1. Great! Looking forward to read more soon! Cheers for the running, keep us posted!


  2. You're a better man than me health wise! Me and my 3 Autistic boys will be cheering you on from our loungeroom here in Oz. Good luck mate! Better get your training gear on. Wan't to be at your peak when it's run time!


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This blog is dedicated to my daughter Pearl who was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in August 2009. My goal is to raise funds and awareness by doing what I love....Running.