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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I can hardly believe it. The response to my original e-mail which was the launch pad for this blog has been beyond great. So many messages of support from many, many people. Some I haven't seen in a long time, hell, there were even messages from people I have never even met. The power of the human spirit and the sheer joy I felt reading those e-mails astounded me. So thank you.

Today was a pretty good day, we had an appointment with Pearls 'Pedopsy' (psychiatrist for children). She is like the Queen Bee of the therapy hive. Basically we have a speech therapist, a physical therapist and a psychologist and Pearl spends a lot of time with each during the course of the week. As she progresses, these three therapists assimilate their reports and all the info goes back to the Pedopsy. She then swivels around in her big comfy chair and tells us whats the next plan of attack. Still with me? Good. Any-who, all seems to be going well according to our expert as she is of the opinion that Pearl's communication is improving, only slightly but its better than being in reverse. Patience seems to be the key at the moment and when it gets tough I try to imagine what the world looks like through Pearl's eyes. Does she see differently than us 'normal' people? What sounds irritate her? Does she know how much she is loved and that her family would do anything for her? I think she does, her little voice is in there, we just have to get it out.

I have posted some links relating to Autism for anyone who would like to educate themselves further. There are also links about some running sites too, if you feel like dusting off those old trainers and getting out the door then go for it. Your body and mind will thank you after it. It doesnt matter whether you run/walk 1 km or 10, every step is one in the right direction.

Thats my lot for the moment dear friends. See you round the bend.


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Running for Pearl

This blog is dedicated to my daughter Pearl who was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in August 2009. My goal is to raise funds and awareness by doing what I love....Running.