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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fair play and Karma.

Here I go again, back in this familiar little womb of blog land. I would have written over the weekend but, due to the Herculean rage built up inside of me I decided to avoid venting my spleen until the dust had settled. "Why so down dude?" I hear you hark. Well......

Thierry Henry, you are a cheat and a liar. Hard to know which is worse really. I am not getting on a soapbox here as I hate football. It bores me stupid, put me in front of a TV with a Marathon or a cycle race on and I'll sit there saucer-eyed for hours. The reason I bring it up is mostly because of Dylan. He has developed a healthy appetite for the game and is progressing well, being part of a team is good for young boy's and also teaches them discipline and respect. Now, my good mate Monsieur Henry on the other hand (pun very much intended) says that his handling of the ball was an "instinctive reaction". Lets try that with some other sports shall we eh?? OK, we will. When is the last time you saw a basketball player raise his leg to stop a ball going out of play? NEVER? Of course not my chums, because using your leg in a game of basketball is the last thing you would do. Your "instinctive reaction" is to NOT use your foot. Lets try another one. You are in the finals of the world snooker, its tied on the black ball and you have just struck the ball deftly only to see it roll slowly towards the pocket, there is an audible gasp from the audience, the black ball hangs on the lip of the pocket. ITS GAME OVER. Of course while we are talking "instinctive reaction" (its beginning to sound like a swear word) maybe the best thing here is to lift the end of the table so the black ball falls in. Viola, you are the winner and here is your cheque. I used to lift the pool table when I was five yrs old. I used to kick basketballs when I was five yrs old, I even accidently hand-balled the occasional football during a match when I was..... yep, five yrs old. So Thierry, thanks for being such a positive influence on MY five year old. You have shown in true and predictable form, that, once again money and fame are never enough. Next time you look in the mirror try and remember why YOU started playing 'the beautiful game' in the first place, was it for Gillette, Renault or any of the other sponsors? NO, you did it because you loved it. Don't take that love away from every kid who has ever looked up to you.

My point is this, play fair. If you lose you lose. Its about life really, the football story is just a metaphor. Karma does come back around you know.

My main bone of contention is the fact that I got fleeced by a so-called "respected" Autism professional recently, that was the real source of my rage over the weekend. She withered on about things I knew already, over and over again. I had two sessions with her and Pearl (usually its just the teacher and Pearl) the second rendevouz was a carbon copy of the first one. She was completely un-organised, dithering on and basically unworthy of the nice office with the big window which enabled her to see suckers like me coming from a mile away. How much did it cost for this aural lobotomy? 230 euros!! 115 euros an hour. OJ Simpson's lawyers didn't even charge that I bet. I have met a lot of people through Pearls handicap and they have been sensational. Pearls 3 therapists are the greatest, Julie, Gregory and Agnes do so much for her and its great to have a team like them. But there is always one who will let you down, I have chalked it down to experience and moved on. Like I said, fair play and karma, that should be applicable to every facet of life (and thats just my opinion)

That's my lot gang, I have added an email subscription box on the blog and if you enter your address its just a couple of easy steps to getting my updates as soon as I post them. We are working hard with Pearl as always and I want to say to Alicia "Happy Anniversary" for last Sunday. She is currently involved on a project which is sooooo suited to her talents, along with two of her great friends they hold the genesis to a really worthwhile offering.

On a running note, bought my new "New Balance 1063's" just the other day. Will be back soon with a road test report and another setlist that RAWK'S

See you round the bend,

Mally x

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