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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Me Hearties,

How goes it out there? I have to say that I have not had time for much lately other than go to appointments with Pearl, bring Dylan to football practice/school and generally maintaining damage control on the wave of destruction they level at our flat on a daily basis. But I now have a spare 5 minutes to just breathe (and do a wee spot of updating on ye olde blog)

Things with Pearl are going OK, there has been lots of meetings with top drawer Autism folk, who funnily enough also charge top dollar too. But I have to say its all positive, as many of our specialists are of the same opinion and that is we caught it early. Kudos to Alicia for that, if she gets to know any more about the subject I think she will be going on a lecture tour soon. The thing is, its constant work. You can't rest on your laurels at all. Milestones are celebrated briefly and after that its forward moving my friends. Constant stimulation.

On the running front well........ On Sunday 15th is the Semi-Marathon in Boulogne, which is just beside the city. Its flat, fast and a lot of elites run it as its good ground for breaking records and recording 'personal bests' (PB's we call them in our world of runners). You can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance and you are beside the Seine for most of it. My PB is 1hr 41 min's which I am hoping to beat by at least 6 min's. 1:35 is the goal, if I dip under that it will be a great day. I have also officially registered for the "100km de Vende". Its been sent in the mail so there is no going back now. 15th May, 100 km, 1 Man/Lunatic (delete applicable)

I would also like to officially announce RIGHT HERE that at some stage in the summer of 2011 I will be running Mizen head to Malin head (the most southern point to the most northern tip of Ireland) its about 587 Kms in total. I will run this solo in a week, however I will be opening it up to anyone who would like to join me for a km or two, whether its on a bike or on foot. Lets get some exercise and spread the word about Autism too eh?! The dates will need to be finalised as it takes a lot of organising and sponsorship to pull of something this big. But I know it can be done. Myself and Pearl were planning the route yesterday as you can see from the photo.

Gotta go my pedigree chums, to quote Lenny Kravtiz "Cos I'm always on the run.

See you round the bend,

Mally x

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