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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ultra-Tennis anyone?

In the spirit of this blog and what it embodies, endurance and perseverance, I would be remiss not to write about the most epic game of tennis ever played, and it ain't over yet. It is now 22.15 Paris time and after 10 hours of playing at Wimbledon two players must come back tomorrow to finish what they started yesterday.

John Isner and Nicholas Mahut's game stands at two sets each and will see them pick up their rackets for a third day after darkness fell on Wimbledon at 21.15 and stopped a set that, after four and a half hours and 59 games each (118 games in a single set), has seen pundits search for the hyperbole to describe this unseen tour de force. They have broken records by the handful, from the longest game and the longest set to the most aces in a match and on and on the statistics go. The thing that is the most striking is the level they both continue to play at. The quick interview with both of them looking wobbly and tired afterwards showed true respect towards each other on what has become bigger than simply just a game of tennis. This is what sport and life needs, people who will go beyond what they think is possible. Just when they get knocked down or lose a point they come back fighting, holding on when it feels like all grasp is lost. I hope tomorrow they will see the end of the battle and in this fight they are both winners.

And, whilst on the subject of epic sports this weekend sees the holy grail of ultra marathons take place in California. The Western States 100 starts at 5.00 am on Saturday 26th at Squaw Valley and finishes 1oo miles later in Auburn. This is by far the most prestigious race in the endurance world and is often referred to as the Boston Marathon of ultras. You may recall my blog on Scott Jurek last May who's domination of the race is the stuff of legend. Scott is not running this year but with the likes of Anton Krupicka, Kilian Jornet and defending champ Hal Koerner in the mix it should make for an incredible race. The ladies event is also set to be hotly contested with Nikki Kimball and Devon Crosby-Helms (who's pacer incidentally is Krissy Moehl, last years runner up) leading the charge. I know I will be following the live blog here for sure.

In my injured world, yep, Achilles still refusing to let me loose on the trails, I have resorted to biking through the forest with the kids to keep my legs active. It's a lot less strain on my tendons and between the weight of Pearl on the baby seat (jeez she's getting heavy now) and having to push Dylan up the hills I feel that it helps both body and soul at the same time. I have added some photos from today's 15km jaunt and it was just sublime, fresh air, sunshine and the laughter of your kids is all the tonic a person could need. By Sunday I should be back on the road for a little 45 minute run to gauge how I am recovering, so fingers crossed. Best of luck to all at the Western States this weekend and all other runners in whatever event you may be participating in. Whether its a run alone or with friends, enjoy and be grateful for the ability to be able to do so. That's all folks.

See you round the bend.


(ready for the Tour de France)

(the local trail)

(stopping for a drink)

(improv promo work)

(running for herself)

(summer time and the livin' is easy)

(Dylan on the descent)

(yellow bike, just needs a yellow jersey)

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