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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Those three words mean nothing to me. Why? Well, I am a firm believer that if you are going to do something then just bite the bullet and do it now. New Years Day is probably the most ill advised day to be starting from scratch and I know this from experience. Hangovers are usually in abundance and after a late night partying you may not even want to get out of bed. I spent NYD last year out running at 4.30 am having abuse, beer and incredulity all hurled at me in equal measure by bemused revellers. (In my early twenties it would have been me with the beer) This year I didn't run but that was due to it being a rest day. When I gave smoking on Feb 10th last year it was because I woke up that morning and told myself enough was enough. Yes it was hard but with any addiction its the same, I have found it the even more difficult with giving up alcohol, but that too was a concerted effort and I just seized the day and haven't looked back.

I think that if you burden yourself with the pressure of having to do it on January 1st you are setting yourself up for a fall. Some may succeed but for others it may too much to handle. Any day is a good day to make that change so treat each one as a new beginning. Ignore the media and the Wii and XBox consoles that pay David Beckham to tell you to work out indoors (Beckham did not get a physique like that from jumping about the living room) or the plethora of pseudo-celebs churning out vapid fitness DVDs to take advantage of your new found desire to get fit. Fair enough if you are a stay at home parent raising a small child and its the only exercise you can get but there far better benefits to be had by getting out in the world. Find a goal and go for it as the rewards are immeasurable in my opinion. Start a walking/running group or dust off the bikes, wrap up well and go for a pedal. Anyone can do it and there are so many sports to choose from too. I would urge all non sporty people to give it a go and if you ain't sure then have a chat with your doctor. It may be tough at the start but once you find that rhythm there will be no stopping you.

See you round the bend.



  1. Mate, I love the bite the bullet approach, it shows mental discipline, toughness, and a commitment to the choice you make. So many people adopt the "starts tomorrow diet" and spend more time on excuses than actually fulfilling the goal.

    Burn your boats on the beaches and leave moving forward as the only option. It's a bit like sharing wild dreams with friends and then having to carry them out. This is what happened with my run for September - started as a crazy idea, shared it and it became a reality!.
    All the best for 2011

  2. Amen mate,

    Tell me more about your September adventure when you get a chance. Very keen to know more and try and help out from here.



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