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Friday, July 1, 2011


Below is a few of the ways to follow the run starting from Sunday. I have been back in Ireland since yesterday and really enjoying the relaxing vibe and the cooler temperatures after a week of high thirties in Paris. Many friends have stopped by to wish me luck, to take some posters and sponsorship cards and to ask me how they can help. My crew, Mark and Mick Kilgallon are arriving tomorrow to stock our mother ship (courtesy of Path Horan Motors) and cruise on down to Mizen. Our local garage owner Hugo gave us a generous donation this afternoon and free fuel, I can really feel the coming together of things and it almost feels out of my hands at this stage. Pearls concert is fully set, line up complete for July 10th. very little left to do except start running on Sunday morning. Hoping more and more people continue to join us.
  • The facebook page will be the most detailed way to gather information on my whereabouts, see photos and check out GPS uploads at the end of each day.
  • Twitter will be working as a spot tracker for us, my crew will tweet the towns we have passed through and the estimated time of arrival for the next town/village, anyone running a stretch or willing to come out and support then this will be your best indication as to where we are at.
  • The website has all the history of our story AND can connect you to the facebook page, if you don't have a twitter account or even use it, cool, we have a twitter sidebar on the site where you can see the details mentioned above.

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