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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Plodding Along, Still.

So, I haven’t been busy here but I have been elsewhere. As the previous post pretty much summed up the reasons for my inactivity this one will explain the progress and direction of things to come. I have finally started my own business at It is a venture that took some time, networking and a lot of mistakes to get off the ground. It reminded me of learning how to be a good runner. I have always written but in a Sunday morning jog kind of way, stepping it up and trying to hone my craft with a variety of projects has taken me to the level of running ultras. I'm careful when to go all out and careful when to reel it in. I will also be blogging on that site but it will be of a more personal slant. I aim to carry on writing here about running, Autism and the progress of Pearl. I have seen a great community of activists, athletes and volunteers come into the picture since I started this blog a few years ago. Seeing how Autism is becoming more relevant and talked about here in France reinforces my belief that smallest oceans can make big waves, it just takes persistence and drive.

The book has reached the halfway point and that material has been sent to my editor, when the kids leave at the weekend for a two week break with Nana I shall turn my attention to it again having stepped back for a week. Going through the back catalogue of my mind has taken me to some very strange places, I have recalled some things with more clarity than others and some I'd rather forget. The process is a journey and to get the best out of myself I have to prod at a few old scabs from time to time. I am very lucky to have an incredible friend, Danny, who is editing and a great guy I met in London many years ago, Bruce, who has delivered a top class site for me and then the friends whose encouragement keep my going when my eyes are closing at midnight. Teams and communities make us who we are, no one ever achieved anything significant without a squad of optimists and drill sergeants behind them. I'm just lucky that mine know when to use the carrot, and when to use the stick.

Injury wise, it's the first time I have been able to walk a lot and not feel too much pain. I am wearing flat soled (dare I say it) minimalist shoes for day to day getting around. I have played a lot of barefoot games with the kids at the local football stadium on astro-turf and its almost been like interval or sprint training. My friends in Paris are egging me to get out for some slow miles soon and I'm tempted. I will be on vacation for three weeks in Ireland too and should give me an opportunity to clock some miles. When the time is right I'll know. Happy summer everyone.

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