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Monday, April 1, 2013

Life Trails.

As a kid growing up in The Midlands of Ireland there wasn't a lot to do, which on the contrary meant there was plenty to do. Watching my son and daughter use iPad and Nintendo with ease reminds me of the Commodore 64 computer I had as a kid, it took forever and a day to load a game which in the good-old-days was on cassette tape. Not having the technology we have now left lots of time for exploration and freedom. Fields, forests, quarries, you name it, I hiked, crawled and bushwhacked through it. Often I carried something to eat in my pockets in order to stay out longer. This planted the seeds of adventure in my life, it dissipated for a while in my late twenties and early thirties (thank you drugs and alcohol) but in recent years has resurfaced with a child-like enthusiasm. I feel lucky to have had the chance as a kid to take myself to places under my own steam. The outdoors taught me about respect and humility, about shared experience and meditative reflection. It is something I am trying to instill in my kids and take them away from technology and truly appreciate this wonderful earth. Over the Easter weekend they hiked a total of 10km over two days and impressed me with their enthusiasm and stamina. I can but hope that in years to come nature will bring them all the rewards it has given me.


  1. I see such freedom, peace and inner growth - confidence, own space and adventure. You can see in that vast space your children filling up on their own 'power'. The photo of Dylan stretching on the logs captures it so beautifully. Prescriptive computer games take away our ability to control our own world. A walk in these trails gives back that ownership. What a beautiful gift to your children, Malcolm. :) We all need a place to breathe. To exhale. You have offered them yours. Priceless.

  2. The kids are looking great Mal! I can get a good mile to the gallon with Bláthnait before the whinging starts. Bless their little legs :)


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