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Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Evolution Baby.

There has been a seismic shift lately in my mind and in my attitude to life, and to the possibilities that lie ahead. It is a yearning for a peaceful and simpler life devoid of material clutter, for a stripped bare existence that constantly strives to uncover a better version of myself. I don't think this attitude or the these thoughts would be possible, or as clear, without the benefits of exercise. From starting as a road runner to suddenly adoring being on the trails, it is this time alone that allows me to figure out where each of life's jigsaw puzzle pieces go. Whether I am looking for inspiration or answers, my time on the dirt tracks almost always provides the solution. At the moment I don't know if life is demanding more from me or I am demanding more from life. Either way a certain impetus is in the air to get more done for Pearl, and trust me she has a lot of activity on her plate leading up to the holidays in a few weeks time (more of that later on the website news) I have to up my game too, the training days are becoming more intense with the focus directed towards October 2nd for the 24 hour race. Luckily there are a wealth of experts out there who are helping me in my preparations and as is typical of the running community, they are all really behind me.

Profundity aside, I have just finished 2hrs of undulating trail running and it was sublime, no headphones, no extras. Just me, my water bottle and my box-fresh New Balance 758's. I have been wearing New Balance shoes since I started running two and a half years ago. The first pair were an "introductory" pair and didn't cost me a lot, I got good mileage out of them but I suppose that was due to the fact that the were only in use two hours a week. I am loyal by nature and decided that the next pair would be the same brand but I would step up a few model's. I chose the 1063's next and they were fantastic, I am not sure they felt the same way about me as they were abused to the hilt. Back when I first got them I was blogging here how much I liked them, hell, even a few people I know followed suit and bought a pair. They probably went about 600 kilometres over their best before date and were retired just last week, they served me well but all relationships end at some stage, death parted us after many glorious months on the road. May their little laces rest in peace. Amen .

Luckily though it coincided with the July sales, this time I went for the New Balance 758 you can see below.........

This morning I took these little babies out to meet the neighbours, i.e. up and down a lot of dirty and dusty trails and through paths that look more like they were made by animals than man. But before I got into this harmonious-unification-with-nature-malarkey I had to take Pearl to the creche. As per usual I arrived in full gear so as to not lose a minute by running out the door immediately afterwards. I clocked her in, put on my shoe covers (like the ones you see in hospitals to stop the spread of germs) and bid a howdly doodly to the fine ladies who look after Pearl three mornings a week. Once she was settled in it was like I was fired from a canon, I took off up the road and headed for the forest. My first impression of the shoes was that they were a little "flappy", I was thinking to myself that this was not exactly what I was expecting. Something just did not click with these new beauties, would we not last even our first rendevouz? Then people started to look at me strangely, eyeing my stride as if I were running like a new born donkey. It was then, after at least a kilometre on the trot, that I looked down at my feet. I had forgotten to take off the shoe covers. A picture paints a thousand words so here is a picture of what it looked like, just pretend my feet are in the shoes and add into the mix that its a busy morning with everybody out on the streets and heading to work. (Laughing silently at me let me add)

(the 758 hospital/crime scene style running shoe... you get an idea of the stupidity)

Did I look like an agent out of CSI, running through a crime scene in my cool blue covers so as not to leave any "trace"? NO. Did I look like the cool doctor on Greys Anatomy, gliding down the hallway holding in my hand an ice bag that carried a heart that was minutes away from saving the patients life. NO. I looked like a tool on a sunny morning in a Parisian suburb who was so excited about his new trainers that he forgot to "unveil" them before taking off. I made it to the woods after about ten minutes and just started to laugh to myself, I am sure it has happened to others, yes? OK maybe not.

What followed was really enjoyable, I explored a few new routes just when I was thinking I knew them all. A lot of really steep climbs felt like they were easier than usual, the switch-back descents kept me on my guard and my stride felt effortless. Some days it just flows. The shoes turned out to be really comfortable and I would even say better than the previous pair, my feet seemed to have a little more room at the toes and felt better ventilated too. It will take a few runs to really break them in but so far I am really satisfied. The fact that they were about 40% less than the retail price helped too because its not cheap keeping these feet on the road. Maybe my prayers will be answered and New Balance will sponsor me, yeah Mally, keep dreamin'.

I have so much to write regarding Pearl and I want to give it the attention it deserves so I will be posting some news on the site over the next day or so. Our logo is almost done apparently and my designer friend will send it as soon as its ready. I guess all that's left for me to say then is...

See you round the bend.


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