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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ultra Spoof!!!

ULTRA RUNNER from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

Just loving this Ultra Running spoof from Timmy O'Neill featuring Scott Jurek. I just wonder how many times they had to do re-takes because Scott must have been cracking up for most of it. How he kept a straight face is beyond me and its great to see such a tough sport showing a really humorous side.

Having a recovery day today after a tough day yesterday. Late night tempo run through the hills around the local villages last night. A good 17km's covered just before midnight. Trying to cross train as much as possible too with a lot of km's on the bike and some time in the pool. Incorporating some early morning sessions too in preparation for the 24hr in ten weeks time. Slowly cutting out all fizzy drinks and chocolate which I find difficult but seeing great improvement in my physical condition.

I am also looking forward to the local 20km race on Sept 5th. There is a limit of 300 runners and the course is on my doorstep, its a very undulating a winding trail and I am quite familiar with it too. Should be a chance to flex the legs, though not going all out on this one for fear of overdoing it ahead of Oct 2nd. My sometimes running buddy J.C. is coming along for the 20km so a laugh will be had for sure. Between now and then though there will by a lot of hours put in.

Latest news on Pearl is on the site as of last night. Great job Alicia.

See you round the bend.


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