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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

100% Mag Autism Special

Last week saw the airing of our segment on 100% Mag on M6. It is a daily show that airs at 18.45 Monday to Friday and is hosted by Estelle Denis. It is based around the very popular One Show by the BBC and covers all sorts of topics, mostly lighthearted stuff but occasionally and more frequently the show seems to be tackling meatier subjects. Which is welcome relief considering the last time I watched it a guy was cracking wall nuts with his ass in an attempt to enter the Guinness World Record books.

So last May we filmed a segment that started at 7.30am and wrapped at 16.30 the evening in question. Magalie was directing and Fred was behind the camera. They were both utterly fantastic and are the type of people it would be easy to become friends with. We filmed and re-shot various bits for our piece which was a look had how Autistic kids adapt to a 'normal' schooling. The first segment concentrates on Matthieu who is already at school with an assistant and then on to Pearl who is at creche and preparing to go to school.

I could ramble on about it but the video below will do the talking for us, even if it is in French I think non speakers will grasp the underlying message. It's one of hope and spirit and always doing our best even when it can get tough. Alicia was our voice for the day and did an outstanding job in representing our views and aspirations. Thanks to Julie for her help and her wonderful work as Pearls Ortophoniste has helped inexplicably. Dylan of course is THEE man on the TV and cool as mustard. Finally thanks to all the people who saw the clip and got in touch, we were overwhelmed by the response from all over the country and unfortunately not everyone left their email address so I hope if they are reading this they will get in touch again. Its just heart warming to be touched by complete strangers and and we will continue along with our humble group in the hope that it helps those who may not know where to turn. We were there once, and sometimes still are. Only unity can break down the walls and bring us all together.


(Pearl is @4:20)

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