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Friday, December 17, 2010


Have you ever sat there and moaned in silence? Saying to yourself "I wish I had this, or I wish I had that, I wish such and such wasn't bothering me and that I could just catch a break". No, well lucky you. But for me I felt that way for about 2-3 weeks recently. I could not even bring myself to write a blog or, horror of all horrors, go for a run. I felt as if the world owed me some slack and I don't know why because I have always persevered and worked for what came my way. But reflecting just this morning on a cathartic snow trail run I realised that feeling like that was not such a bad thing. I think it was a pressure escape of sorts for what has been a tumultuous year for us and maybe cocooning myself was just a mode of mental survival. "These things pass" I always say to myself, and they usually do. Then again I could be completely off the ball as I am not exactly Frasier Crane. I will however not be getting complacent as there is much, if not more, to be done next year challenge wise and Autism wise.

But, alluding to the title, I now know that its not about wishing for things or for circumstances to change whenever the road becomes rocky. Its about pausing and really taking stock of all that you have, sure there may be some who can count more blessings than others but it still about looking for the positive. Knowing too that what we see in other peoples appearance never truly reveals whats going on below the surface, call me twisted but I take comfort in that. I take comfort in it because it shows me that everyone is the same deep down.

(lots of fallen trees blocking the trails this year)

(nearing" Sevres")

(a sight I hate, more and more being cut down)

(loggers at work)

(the sun breaking through, pity about the ugly fence in the way)

I will ramble on no more only to say that I wish you all a harmonious Christmas, regardless of whether you celebrate it or not have a great end of year. I am indebted to everyone who supports what I am doing through the Internet and we may be only connected through a bunch of satellites and wires but I am still proud to call you my friends, and to those I have met this year, yeah baby ;) The photos are from this morning, enjoy and thank you for stopping by.

See you round the bend.


(heading up a steep path)

(the single track descent on the other side)

(looking out over the valley half way up)

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