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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Breaking the Ice.

This morning I took off on a leisurely hike/run with my camera to get some shots ahead of Sunday's Cross de la Sabliere. It was a chance to suss out the trail conditions and which shoes to lace up for 10km of fast fun. Last year was quite tough due to the blizzard of snow that fell for most of the beginning of February and whilst it looks like it will be powder free this year it will probably just as, if not more dangerous. A persistent fog has lingered over the trails for the past week or so and with the sub zero temperatures at night it has turned the ground into a solid stretch of glistening ice. It is deceptive to the eye and underfoot is much more difficult than usual to make firm and controlled contact, it makes descending particularly dicey. Taking all these factors into account I think the Speedcross 2 will be my best choice as during the steeper sections it gave me a bit more purchase than my XT Wings 2. I love the Wings but find they are better suited to runs where a bit more road running is involved. This course is all technical and single track.

I met a few guys and gals out hiking and dog walking and it was nice to stop and talk for a change, usually it all business when I am out there. I think taking a run like this every once in a while is a good way to reconnect with why I love being out there so much. The simplicity of slowing it down and just being in the moment. Will leave this post with some photos form this morning and looking forward to checking out the speed merchants this weekend. Good luck to all who are racing and on the elite front the Rocky Raccoon 100 mi kicks off on Sat in Huntsville TX. Krupicka, Jurek, Meltzer and Koerner are just a few of the guys who could take the top spot whilst Liza Howard and Connie Gardner are two of the many names in a deep ladies filed.

Bon Courage a tous.


(one of the few stretches of soft single track)

(surveying the terrain ahead)

(slippery ascent, favourite part of the course)

(nearing the top)

(coming down)

(pretty solid ground)

(weapon of choice)

(speed-bumps a plenty on this circuit)

(it looks soft but its jagged and hard on the surface)

(winding descent before the final climb)

(the same descent pictured from atop the other side)

(the podium is up, probably as close as I will get to it)

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  1. looks like a great course - i did the Grande Course des Templiers a couple of years back - the downhills were much harder than the climbs !!!
    ! i can't wait to get back up and running properly - the flu has kicked every last drop of energy out of me ! But i'll be back !
    have a speedy run on Sunday !
    all the best


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