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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Olympics... In Paris??

I was looking forward to a nice two hour run today. But yesterday, Feb. 10th, YES Feb 10th, brought a blizzard of snow like I have never seen. Its been months of snow in Paris now and apparently there will be another week of it. Still, not one to be kept inside I decided I was going to go out and "play" anyway. My pace was going to be much slower than usual so I took my camera with me to show you just how spectacular it looked. It turned out to be one of those runs you never forget, inexplicably calm with the unspoiled blanket of snow crunching softly under every footstep. I encountered one other runner and a quick nod between us seemed to be the code for "You are as mad as I am". Still, with only 3 months until the 100km race every step is vital, regardless of the weather.

The view of the lake as you enter the forest, my favourite playground

The slippery slope

So that's the story for the moment. I can only predict lots of falls, scrapes and general mayhem as 500 of us crazy runners hit this undulating trail for the 10 km race this Sunday morning. Bring on the Valentines massacre.

See you round the bend (maybe)


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