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Friday, February 19, 2010

The week that was.

Hey Up,

Well considering I'm here can only mean I survived last Sundays race through the forest. What can I tell you, it was bedlam. It had been snowing solidly for ten days before and at zero degrees the forest floor had become a compacted, fully buffed skate fest. It was like trying to run across an ice rink and to make it just that little bit trickier it was up and down all the way. There had been a few races before ours which was the main event and last race of the day. At 11.30 the gun sounded and I set off with the leaders, bad idea as these guys were fast. They just put the hammer down from the get-go. I did however managed to stay up with the lead bunch for a few kilometres of the first lap and it gave me a fitness confidence boost for sure. The second lap proved more tiring as I realised I had gone out too fast, too early. My legs are used to a longer distance like a marathon or half marathon and by the time it had finished I was only getting into my stride. It was however a fantastic day and was really well organised by the local club. If you have a scalding cup of tea waiting for you at the end you cant go wrong.

Unfortunately the week went downhill in spectacular fashion after that lovely day. Alicia took off early on Monday morning, London bound for two days of meetings. Pearl became very sick that day and got no sleep on the Monday night due to an ear infection. Her appointments for Tuesday had to be cancelled as we spent the afternoon at the doctors office. Trying to get her to take the medication was akin to torture, she hates the taste of the stuff. By the time Alicia got back late on Tuesday night her temperature was 40.5. No sleep that night either and her MRI scan was set for the next day after having to cancel the last one at Christmas due to her being sick also. So we all got ready to head to the hospital and drop Dylan off with his cousin for the day. What's the next obstacle?? Some thug has smashed the window at the back of the car. Fifty-something cars on the street, a well lit and fairly busy stretch of road and they pick us. Talk about bad luck. Alicia managed to get hold of an uncle who kindly brought us there and said he would pick us up too (cheers Francois) Alicia must have spent half the morning trying to get through to police/insurance company/glass repair shops etc. In the meantime Pearl is having her blood taken which took so long I though time had stood still. I held her in my arms as she roared and wriggled in pain and distress. She was also nil by mouth for the MRI which was scheduled for 12.30. The trouble with the MRI is that kids have to be asleep, you can try and do it naturally with the help of a drug they give you, or put them under. We opted for the former but it was a disaster. The scan was so loud and claustrophobic that she freaked out. For any kid it would be a nightmare but for an Autistic kid I can only imagine the difficulty at being confined in this alien type tunnel. After trying for an hour I decided enough was enough and we took her home. She was distressed and turned out she had an infection in her mouth which stopped her eating. Back to the doc and more medication and more sleepless nights. Thankfully today she is a bit more my little Pearl after the four horrendous days that have passed and maybe we will all get some sleep over the weekend.

I had an hour and forty minute run this morning while she was at creche, it was bliss. My mum-in-law is here for a few days celebrating her birthday which is nice. After today Dylan is on holidays for two weeks and on Monday my Mum and sis Alison arrive for a week. I have not seen Alison in almost three years as she just got back from Australia. Cant wait to see her and take her running. Lots more to fill in but that's the bones of whats been happening here. Hopefully next week with the extra help around the house I may even get to spend some time with my wife who has been burning the candle at both ends with work. She needs a break that lady.

Right folks, be well and see you round the bend.



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  2. Thank you Caludia, I am still learning a lot about blogging and I try to write the things that I would like to read. If other people like it then thats a bonus. I will check out your suggestions and thanks for spreading the word.



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