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Friday, February 26, 2010

We Shall Overcome

I find myself writing in a sombre mood this evening. My mum and sister have just departed for the airport after a wonderful week that was filled with laughter and regalement. Watching my children in the middle of all this mayhem was just inexplicable. Pearl was in such joyous spirits each day and slept better than she has in such a long time. Its hard to to say whether it will last or not as Autism can be a case of one step forward and two back sometimes. Nevertheless, I can say for us all at chez McLoughlin that when you are surrounded by your most loved and cherished ones things just work out. The constant battles of everyday, stressing over bills, making your way through what sometimes appears to be a cruel world, can be a great heft on the shoulders of anyone. But the support of friends and family can help overcome. That's my message for today, appreciate the people in your life who are there for you, because in the end nothing is insurmountable.

Any-who, moving on from my doleful first paragraph......

Pearl has been expressing herself more vocally than ever this past week. (her ability to use actual words will take some time but she is repeating a little bit more when prompted, lots of vowels, but you can tell from the look on her face that she is trying her hardest) It could be the fact that she was constantly around people and engaged most of the time. Or it could be that her sleeping pattern has stabilised somewhat (knock on wood) or a combination of those or other factors. Needless to say we are super encouraged to work harder and get that little voice out that we know lies within our little treasure. Our therapists are currently swapping e-mails to organise another "summit" to see what steps are to be taken next. So kudos to them for their energy and hard work, its great to have the three of them as our team. Next week will be a slight change of routine as first thing tomorrow morning myself and the two kids are going to stay with my mother in law for the week. (Alicia will have some peace and quiet) Its in the sticks, big style. Lots of forests, lakes and fields. The children love it and it means that I can really up my training in the mornings. With the 100K's less than three months away its a case of raising the daily two hour runs to three hours plus. My legs are feeling strong at the moment but the concept of being on them for 10-11 hours without a break is still newfangled. I must say though I am incredibly excited about this endeavour, I never would have imagined that this type of event would find me. But find me it did. It's through Autism this has evolved into what it has. In the beginning "Running for Pearl" was just an idea and three words that got stuck in my head. Now its growing and has helped some people who have contacted us deal with some of the obstacles they have faced. I know that the only limits on us are the ones we set oursleves. I leave you now for the week as in the countryside there is no Internet and barely mobile phone reception. But I will be back blogging to share the adventures that lie ahead.

See you round the bend.


"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." -- Mahatma Gandhi

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