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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Accelerated Evolution.

April is beckoning with a tender, extended hand and I am reaching for her with excitement, waiting to be pulled up to the next level. Spring has arrived in spectacular fashion and started to seriously kick some winter butt, clocks have also changed and evenings now recede slowly and softly taking with them the blinkers of the shortened days gone by.

The beginning of next month sees the arrival of World Autism Awareness Day on Saturday April 2nd. This is not just another day for families that are touched by Autism, it is day where our friends and relatives show they care with a simple but moving gesture: wearing blue for the day. I remember last year receiving photos and messages from friends on all continents who made the effort. From professional marathoners in the Kenyan hills to Aussie friends down under and many, many more destinations all went 'blue' because of my Pearl. That is something I find hard to describe my appreciation for, and even though people say "hey, its no big deal....." I think it is. Solidarity and support is what motivates me in times of despair or uncertainty, not being alone in a storm is a true blessing.

I will chose to run for Pearl, as usual ;) It is only fitting too that it is the day after Autism Awareness Day and happens to be one of my favourite races, the scenic and challenging Trail du Josas. I had the great pleasure to really test my mettle last year on this 35km course that is a succession of steep climbs and perfect single track. I will embrace the suffering that lies ahead of me this Sunday because it is a reaffirmation of my sobriety and of living life to the fullest. I have had a solid month of training throughout March and can confidently say I have not been in better shape ever. Race day may have other plans for me but that is the joy of the unknown, the nerves I feel being an indicator that I am still passionate.

Recovery will be limited for April though as the other great change in life will be moving apartment's. Finally, after weekly camp-outs on the Mayor's doorstep over the past year and the endless red tape our new place will be signed over on the 18th, what follows will be a weight training regime of box lifting and unpacking. I am so thrilled, especially for my kids to have their own rooms. We are not even changing post codes so no school changes, trails are still on the doorstep and we are still close to friends. Win, win really.

Race report to follow next week, until then.....

See you round the bend.


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Running for Pearl

This blog is dedicated to my daughter Pearl who was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in August 2009. My goal is to raise funds and awareness by doing what I love....Running.