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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Andrew Murray Scotland2Sahara

A few weeks ago I posted the first video of this facebook after finding it on YouTube and since then a lot of people have asked me if there are any more videos, so instead of people having to try and find them I have posted them all in one place.

As you will see Andrew is just an amazing person who really did something well out of the ordinary, his giving nature and modesty reinforce this. There are light hearted moments and times where he is hurting so bad that you can see it in his face. But he persevered and created history, not to mention a whopping amount of cash for the Yamaa Trust, last time I checked it had tipped the seventy thousand pound mark. More detailed information can be found at Scotland2Sahara.
Of course the first thing he did after finishing was have a photo of himself taken with a little banner for Pearl. Not sure most people would even do that after a marathon, yet he does it after 2,650 miles. Yes, that's just the kind of guy he is. So brew up a pot of something or grab a beer and check out this great adventure that is so inspiring you might just fly out the door in a sprint afterwards. (photo:Richard Else)

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