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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The enormity of what lies ahead in sixty seven days time became brutally apparent when my friend and coach Tess sent me an email yesterday with a structured outline of what training I will be doing over the months of May and June. And, even as I exclaimed "Jesus" on an Easter Monday my thoughts were not of the religious variety. The messing around is well and truly over. Now the lunacy begins as I will be basically running more in the coming months than the average family drive in a car. One major change will be that all my training will now be done on roads to prepare for the pounding of fifteen hour days, so my beloved trails, and it's not because I don't love you but we shall be parting ways temporarily. Luckily the people I am working with are the best in world when it comes to preparing and executing an adventure of this nature. My dear friend Tess Geddes is an experienced runner and an advisor with impossible 2 Possible, a group aimed at empowering and educating the youth of today. They do stellar work and I have also received advice and supportive words from the founder Ray Zahab. If you don't know Ray, then you should, he rocks!!!!! which is about the best way of accurately describing him.

I am very relieved though to have our recent apartment move behind me. The stress of moving is really something that is better left unsaid, its done now. Pearl had a really tough time settling into her news digs but school started back this morning and routine is once again king. Dylan is also happy to be back to see his friends and tell them all about his holidays which consisted of unpacking boxes, poor kid.

Cheers for now.


Ray Zahab on "The Hour"


  1. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. You're blessed to have support from such an experienced runner like him. Best of luck with your training! Looking forward to following it.

  2. Awesome Mally! Time to get it done!

  3. inspirational....pain is inevitable, suffering is optional ! you won't suffer, i'm sure !! enjoy the training.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With you guys behind me how could I fail :)


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